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  • Pol. Industrial El Lirio, C/ Toneleros, 6 - Bollullos Par del Condado (Bollullos Par del Condado)
Since 1955, Bodegas Diaz has been enriching its fortified wines by aging them. A time-tested winery that knows how to use production methods that utilize the southern climate – tempered by the sea and nearby “La Rocina” – to its best advantage. Preserving the best winemaking traditions form the past, while at the same time looking to the future, maintaining always a focus on its current image and quality. A family business that has passed from father to son, and now invites you to visit its facilities and try the different wines produced there. We produce rich, young, white wines and vinegars produced in the traditional way, putting all our efforts in the winemaking process, in order to produce the best wines in the region.
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Pol. Industrial El Lirio, C/ Toneleros, 6

21710 Bollullos Par del Condado