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Hotel Ayamontino

  • Avda. De Andalucía, 35 - Punta Umbría (Punta Umbría)
If anything sets Hotel Ayamontino apart from other establishments, it is its superb location in the heart of Punta Umbria and just a few meters from the beach, its friendly service and its cosy and friendly atmosphere. There are the features that have made it stand out since it first opened its doors to guests, over 40 years ago. It was last renovated in 2009, with the desire to offer comfort, functionality and a modern touch, opting for soft and warm decorative touches that perfectly complement the strong character of this iconic landscape. Blues reminiscent of the sky and sea, white and ochre tones that make you think of the fine sand found on the island’s beaches, and beautiful pine greens... Ayamontino Hotel is all this and more. Get to
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