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Hotel Eurostars Tartessos

  • Avda. Martin Alonso Pinzón, 13 - Huelva (Huelva)
Was Tartessos Plato's Atlantis? Was it the Phoenician’s Onuba? Come and discover the most renowned and elegant hotel in modern Huelva. Tartessos is possibly the greatest puzzle in the history of the West, as there are many theories about its origin, location and subsequent transformation, and few, if any, certainties surrounding it. Was Tartessos Plato's Atlantis? Was it King Solomon’s Tarshish? Was Tartessos the Phoenician-built Onuba? A multitude of questions that history has yet to answer. While we await those answers, we must satisfy ourselves with enjoying the multiple options and attractions offered by modern Huelva. The Eurostars Tartessos Hotel, a modern, functional and warm establishment, enjoys an ideal location in the heart of th
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