Gastronomy in huelva


  • C/ Cardenal Cisneros, 6 - Huelva (Huelva)
The word ATARAZANA has various connotations. It may mean a place where boats are kept and repaired, a shed where ropemakers work or the space in a wine cellar where wine is stored in barrels. It is also known as a certain place where pirates gathered to share out their booty after attacking and boarding ships of the day. Well, in Huelva there is an ATARAZANA which has become a symbol of the scene in the town. A meeting point for beautiful people with a modern, elegant design. But far from its connotations, it's not used to keep boats, nor is there wine in hogsheads, nor do they make ropes, nor are there any pirates. Although some nights you may spot more than one. Its terrace is open every day from the break of day to far into the night, an
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