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Parque Moret nature laboratory

  • Parque Moret (Entrada Esquina Avda. Santa Marta Con Avda. De La Cinta - Huelva (Huelva)
Leisure and family allotment. In the restoration of the Casa Garrido Perelló, the objective of Huelva's town council has been to continue developing the town's great green lung, in this instance with the construction of a reception centre which serves as a support for the EJE project with its new schemes included in the nature laboratory and the environmental documentation centre. Environmental education centre: dedicated to educational centres, collectives and associations. This visitor programme consists in carrying out a series of themed teaching visits aimed at learning the most characteristic aspects of the Parque Moret as well as dealing with content connected with environmental education.
Natural surroundings
Parque Moret (Entrada esquina Avda. Santa Marta con Avda. de la Cinta


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