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La Rábida monastery

  • Camino Del Monasterio - La Rábida - Palos de la Frontera (Palos de la Frontera)
Also known as the monastery of La Rábida, this is a Franciscan monastery in the Gothic-Mudejar style, built between the 14th and 15th centuries. It was declared a national monument in 1856. It extends over some 2000 m2 and has an irregular ground plan. Over the years it has undergone various modifications, above all due to the Lisbon earthquake of 1755. Here it was that Christopher Columbus stayed before setting off for the New World, while he was still preparing his project, and this is the burial place of Martín Alonso Pinzón, who died a few days after returning from the first of Columbus' voyages. Likewise Hernán Cortés, Gonzalo de Sandoval and Francisco Pizarro came to this place on their return from some of their voyages of conquest.
Camino del Monasterio - La Rábida

21819 Palos de la Frontera

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