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La Rocina visitor centre

  • Finca La Rocina. Carretera A-483 Km.27.5 - Almonte (Almonte)
La Rocina is the principal source of the waters which feed the marsh. It contains a very rich natural environment, with a dense network of small tributaries. It is made up of a mosaic of different landscapes from pine woods, fern plantations, moorland, bramble patches and reed beds to the vegetation typical of the unforested hills, principally comprising Montpelier cistus and aromatic bushes such as lavender, rosemary and thyme. As well as explaining these plant populations, the visitor centre also shows the fauna present in them, with an abundance of migratory and aquatic birds such as the robust common goose, the striking purple gallinule or the threatened squacco heron. During the visit there is the chance to get to know the cottages or traditional dwellings of the rocieros, as well as the history of the world-famous Rocío pilgrimage.
Natural surroundings
Finca La Rocina. Carretera A-483 Km.27.5

21730 Almonte