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Type: Lookout with disabled access. Location: (Huelva, Almonte). The Doñana lookout demonstrates the coexistence between the urban and natural milieu in areas of great environmental sensitivity. A 360° circle shows Matalascañas to the east, a populous coastal centre in the municipality of Almonte washed by the Atlantic, and in all other directions the Doñana nature reserve. The location of the lookout permits visitors to be part of one of the principal ecosystems in the reserve: the dunes. The strip of dunes lies between the beach and the more stable sands of the interior. Here, impelled by the sole mechanism of the wind, they originate, grow, change and advance, forming the shifting dune system of Doñana. As the dune cordons in the system advance, they bury all the vegetation they find in their path, except for some pines and junipers which hold fast between two dune fronts, forming corrals. These corrals, populated by low scrub and pine woods, finally end up succumbing to the sands, giving rise to the Cruces de Doñana, one of the most curious features of this singular area.
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