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The Cave of Wonders

The Cave of Wonders is an inexhaustible source of beauty, wrought by time on nature, using such simple items as water and stone. It is an underground complex of great and striking beauty. Among other reasons this is because of its length, the extent of its lakes and the abundance and variety of rock formations it has. The first historical reference to the Cave of Wonders was in 1850. It opened in 1914, thus becoming one of the first tourist caves in Spain. The dissolving action of the water, and its´ subsequent work as a goldsmith of formations that border on magic, created a subterranean landscape full of surprises and mysteries. This includes stalactite and stalagmite formations, columns, rimstones, flowstones, pisoliths, eccentricities and curtains. This is a world that persistent water, stone and time has shaped to the human imagination where one can feel the exact magnitude of nature. Scattered along a circular path, with galleries on three overlapping levels of different heights, one is lulled by the silence of the water of the lakes. So too, the persevering magical drip of water from above marking a geologic beat in time with the earth surprises its´ visitors. Some of the most significant spaces are the “Brillantes”, the Great Lake and the “Desnudos”, not forgetting the rooms of “las Conchas”, “Esmeralda” and the “Cristalería de Díos”. The cave runs for a distance of 1,200 m. The tour is of approximately 45 minutes duration with a relative humidity of 90-98%.