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One of the great and beautiful routes of Huelva´s province is the one that goes through the Riotinto Mines, a region marked by the minery and everything included in 5000 years of history and exploitation of its richness. Nowadays, and after a backward movement in the different minery exploitations, it is turning out to be an interesting touristic place, due to its landscapes, which are unique in the world. One of the most beautiful excursions is the one on board of a restored train which drives parallel to the River Tinto, on a rail track, which was constructed after 1873 by the British company which was exploring the mines. The touristic train departs from the old mining workshops through the Tinto. The journey is 11 km long, leading us to The Frailes station. The track goes parallel to the River Tinto, a unique environmental system and which constitute one of the most important attractions of the Tinto River. The Corta Atalaya is the biggest open-air exploitation of Europe, and without doubt the most perfect.The dimensions of its ellipse astonish everyone: 1200 m long, 900 m wide and 350 m deep. It was one of the most ambitious projects of the British company and was under exploitation up until 20 years from ago. The visits are organised by the Riotinto Foundation, departing from the Mining Museum. In the village of La Dehesa, next to the mining exploitations, you will find a roman necropolis which dates back to the 2nd Century a.C. and witnesses the splendor which the mines had in this period. Itinerario: Riotinto - Corta Atalaya - Peña del Hierro - Aldea de la Dehesa
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