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Nature Reserve Marismas del Odiel

The Nature Reserve of the marshlands MARISMAS DEL ODIEL is the most important area of estuary marshlands of the peninsula and one of the most productive of Europe. The population of birds and the fact that many migratory species take refuge here justify its ecological interest and determine its significant richness in shellfish and pisiculture. The exploration of the salt mines, the shellfish gathering, the fishing and the cattle farming are the most traditional activities and are compatible in its conservation. The boat trip through the different rivers which boarder the capital, represent a delicious moment for getting to know its flora and fauna. The visit to the traditional salt mines, situated next to the industrial exploitation, is recommendable. Furthermore, we recommend the visit the “Salthish”, an archeological site, rests of an enclosure of urban roads of the 11th Century, situated on the Saltés Island. Declared by the law “Nature Reserve of Odiel Marshlands” it gathers among its objectives the preservation of its characteristical exceptional nature.
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