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In the extreme West of the Sierra Morena there is a erosioned plain of a fine pending, broken by solid lime, some with grottos, from which the Maravillas Caves of Aracena are pointed out, with visitable galleries which are longer than 1 km.The first part leads us through a rich landscape oak meadows and in the most humid areas, you will find cork oaks, in this meadow and in generally all which cross the road, the Iberian pork is raised. From Hinojales to Cortegana the landscape changes considerably, the green-grey colours of the meadows are substituted by brilliant greens of the chestnut trees in sommer and spring or by the pinks and brownish-grays in autumn and winter. This is the most humid part and the most rich in pure water fountains and streams. In Fuenteheridos there is the garden Villa Onuba, with interesting trees like the pinsapo and sequoya. Besides the chestnut trees you will find orchards in the valleys of the region with an abundancy in pears and camuesas. After Cortegana there is a plain area with meadows and bushes until Aroche, where you will see black vultures. At the end of the tour, you can enjoy the excellent views from the chapel of Nuestra Señora de los Angeles in Alájar on the rock of Arias Montano. Come back to Aracena by Linares de la Sierra. Itinerary: Aracena - Higuera de la Sierra - Zufre - Sta.Olalla de Cala - Cala - Arroyomolinos de León - Cañaveral de León - Hinojales - Cumbres Mayores - Cumbres de San Bartolomé - Encinasola - Los Marines - Fuenteheridos - Galaroza - El Repilado - Cortegana - Aroche - Almonaster la Real - Alájar - Linares de la Sierra - Aracena
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