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On Huelva´s coasts you will find interesting sandy formations due to the marshlands and humid areas of all kinds. The marshlands formed at the mouths of the rivers present different characteristics, they are landscapes with a strong horizontal front and with a high production in vegetation due to the existence of water, light and nutrients in optimal quantity, which permits the maintenance of a high number of birds, being the most important enclave for European and African migratory birds. The route starts in Isla Canela in the Guadiana and Carreras marshlands with different salt environments. After that, you will see the marshlands of the River Piedras and the peninsula Flecha del Rompido, with typical sandy vegetation which changes gradually approaching the marshlands until it adapts itself to the salt degree of these marshlands. This scheme of the mouth of a river with its marshlands ending with a sand string parallel to the coast repeats itself until the mouth of the River Guadalquiver. The quay of Huelva is an artificial formation from which you can contemplate the dynamic of the coast and observe sea birds. From there on the road from Mazagón to Torre de la Higuera you will see a sandy cliffs covert by sand dunes which have stayed separated from the beach, this landscape is spectacular.
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