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Palacio del Acebrón visitor centre

  •  Finca La Rocina. Carretera A-483 Km27.5 - Almonte (El Rocío)
The Palacio del Acebrón visitor centre is an old mansion built in the second half of the 20th century. It was subsequently adapted for dissemination and learning about the ethnographic heritage of the Parque Nacional Doñana. The Doñana y el hombre (Doñana and Man) exhibition offers visitors the possibility of getting to know various aspects and particularities of the relationship of local people with their natural environment. It shows aspects from what their cottages or homes were like, built from vegetable matter from their surroundings, to the hierarchical organisation of the family; in explores in depth the hard life in the marshes and the traditional occupations that developed there such as shooting, fishing and animal husbandry. The display also deals with the current evolution of other useages such as strawberry cultivation, tourism or catering. Of course all this is not to forget rooted traditions such as the bringing out of the mares or the world-famous Rocío pilgrimage.
Natural surroundings
 Finca La Rocina. Carretera A-483 Km27.5

21750 Almonte, El Rocío