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Castillo-Fortaleza de Sancho IV

  • Castillo-Fortaleza De Sancho Iv - Cumbres Mayores (Cumbres Mayores)
The Castillo-Fortaleza de Sancho IV fortified castle forms part of the defensive system of the "Banda Gallega". The structure was under the jurisdiction of the City of Seville which was granted the privilege, signed by King Sancho IV in Toro on 4 November 1293, of building the castle of Cumbres Mayores. The reasons for its construction were fully justified over the following centuries, as during the late Middle Ages a state of war frequently existed between the neighbouring kingdoms of Seville and Portugal. The Castillo-Fortaleza de Sancho IV has an irregular ground plan, with nine sides and eight towers with alternating square and semi-circular ground plans.
Castillo-Fortaleza de Sancho IV

21380 Cumbres Mayores

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